The Venue

We have an 8x10 stage equipped with a Bose L1 Compact system and one microphone with a boom stand. Our restaurant will seat about 50 at max capacity, and we will serve food and beverages during performances, so we want the sound level to be at a respectful volume where guests can enjoy both the music and their table company.  The stage is best equipped for solo and duos but we will entertain all artists desire to play as long as the sound level can stay comfortable for guests. Amplified percussion instruments, such as drum sets, will not fit for this venue. 

Booking the Stage

For scheduled shows, we encourage musicians to play original music, but we belong to SESAC, BMI and ASCAP, so cover songs can also be part of any performance. We employ a "pass the hat" policy so that guests can feel free to contribute what they feel comfortable giving. To collect these tips, we supply envelopes at each table during the show and have all servers and bartenders point out the envelopes and explain the concept. A guarantee is agreed upon before the show. We use the tips to offset the guarantee but enure that every musician leaves with their guaranteed amount, or more, if the tips surpass the guarantee.  We request that acts play for two hours, for example, 7-9 or 7:30-9:30. If you are interested in playing, please email us at

Playing Impromptu

Our concept is twofold, we will always have the system and a few of our personal acoustic instruments on stage for musicians to come in and respectfully play short sets if they wish to share some original new work or just practice during any time of day. For these shows, tips are not actively solicited, but artists are free to display their CDs, mail lists or cards while playing. 

Music Information

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